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Details of Board of Directors and Company Secretary

Details of Board of Directors and Company Secretary


Sl.No. Names (Sriyuths) Address Designation Contact No.
1 Sri. G.Kumar Naik, IAS Additional Chief Secretary to  Government, Energy Department,  Room No.236, 2nd Floor, Vikasa Soudha,Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Street, Bengaluru 560001. Chairman 080-22252373
Fax No.080-22353952
3 Dr.Ekroop Caur, IAS Secretary to Govt.(B&R), Finance Department, #251, 2nd Floor, Vidhana Soudha, Bengaluru – 560 001. Director

080-22353138 / 080-22033438

Fax No. 080-22280520

2 Dr. N.Manjula, IAS Managing Director, KPTCL, Kaveri Bhavan, Bengaluru Director 080-22244556
4 Sri. P.Rajendra Cholan, IAS BESCOM, Corporate Office, K.R.Circle, Bengaluru- 560 001 Managing Director


Fax No.080-22354928

5 Dr. R.C.Chetan, IRS BESCOM, Corporate Office, K.R.Circle, Bengaluru- 560 001 CFO & Director (Finance) 080-22340055
Fax No. 080-22340111
6 Sri. H.C Sreeramegowda, B.E., BESCOM, Corporate Office, K.R.Circle, Bengaluru- 560 001 Director (Technical) 080-22354926
Fax No. 080-22354925
7 Sri.T.R.Ramakrishnaiah President, KPTCL Employees Union (659), Ananda Rao Circle, Bengaluru – 560009. Director 080-22258537
8 Sri. T.M.Shivaprakash President, KEB Engineers Association, No.28, Race Course Cross Road, SJM Building, A.R.Circle, Bengaluru Director 080-22281049
9 Sri. Thyagaraj K No. 54, Smrudhi Farm, Kadabagere, Magadi Road, Bengaluru-562130 Nominee Director of GoK 9901664455
 10  Sri. S.B.Vishwanath  Anaji Post, Davanagere Nominee Director of GoK  


 11 Smt.Ramya K,FCS BESCOM, "Belaku Bhavana" Corporate Office,K.R.Circle, Bangalore Authorized Signatory




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