M&C activities

Meters & Commercial section deals with

  • Metering activities
  • Statistical Information related to metering activities


  1. Metering activities:

        1.Sale of meters in retail outlets for the following through RC : 

Sl. No

Type of Meters

Existing Vendors


Area of operation

Validity upto


Single phase    5-30 A


M/s.L+G Ltd., Kolkata

Bengaluru North,  Bengaluru South, Tumkur & Davangere Circles of BESCOM






Single phase   5-30 A

M/S.HPL Ltd., Gurugram

Bengaluru East, Bengaluru West, Kolar, Ramanagara & BRC Circles of BESCOM




Three phase   5-30 A meters

M/s.L+G Ltd.,  Kolkata


All Circles of BESCOM




Three phase CT operated ETV 5A meters

M/s.Genus Power      Infrastructures Ltd., Jaipur

All Circles of BESCOM




    2.  Vendor approval for Meters:

  1. Unidirectional Meters for projects under IPDS & DDUGJY.
  2. Bidirectional Meters for SRTPV projects as below:

Sl. No

Existing Vendors

Type of meters


M/s. Secure meters Ltd, Udaipur

1 phase, 3 phase WC, 3 phase CT operated and HT meters


M/s. Genus Inf. Power Ltd, Jaipur

1 phase and 3 phase CT operated meters


M/s. L&T Ltd, Mysore

HT meters

   3.DTC metering in BESCOM & allied activities.

   4. Quarterly allocation of purchase grants to all Divisions under BESCOM for replacement of MNR/faulty meters.

   5. Allocation of budget for all metering related works including procurement of meters for Fast Track New Connection                (FTNC).

   6. Tendering activities pertaining to metering in BESCOM viz., Issue of Notification, preparation of Tender Documents,               Evaluation of Bids, preparation of agendas for CPC & Board Meetings, Issue of LoIs & DWAs, Post award activities viz.,           inspection of materials, GTP approval, Time extension proposals and related correspondences.

   7. Inviting tenders related to Metering under Central Govt. sponsored schemes like IPDS & DDUGJY etc.

   8. Implementation of Prepaid meters for temporary installations as per KERC Tariff Order dated 30.04.2012.



  B. Statistical Information:

  1. Submission of reports to KERC, GOI, GOK, KPTCL pertaining to metering.
  2. Metering progress of BJ/KJ, IP, street lights, MNR & DTCs in BESCOM.
  3. Submission of claims for metering activities under different central government schemes for release of subsidy / grants.
  4. Theft cases inspected, booked, penalty imposed & collected under all levels.


Circular - Prepaid Meters

Procedure adopted for empanelment of net meters

Corrigendum - Procudeure for empanelment in netmetering

Corrigendum-2 - Procudeure for empanelment in netmetering




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