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On going DSM Projects

1.9 wtl.ed bulb and 20 wt.l.d. Tubelight


  • Replacing incandescent bulbs with 9 watt LED bulbs under new lighting scheme.
  • Under the new light second stage, the fluorescent tubelights are 20 wt.l.ed. Replacing with Tubelights.
  • Me || Implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)

2. "Sunrise" practical project:


The Government of Karnataka has launched a new project called "Surya Raita" for the welfare of the people in September-2014, under this project, solar panels will be installed on non-farm land, using solar-powered electricity directly to farm pumps, in addition to generating electricity generated by electricity. Will be multiple.


This is a pilot project in India for the first barikanakapuratallukina bevikanyu harobele 11 KV 310 F -2 phidarna were conducted for farmers Terms, the Terms photovoltaic panels to adapt to the current pampsetgalannu heccinakaryaksamateiruva produced using vidyuttannutamma agriculture, the extra power network nidabahudagiruttada bevikanna . The additional electricity is thus paid for on the basis of net metering based on the KERC charity so that the farmers can earn additional income from the crops.


Phase I of the 250 Solar Power Pumpsets have been commissioned by the end of September 30, 2017 and Phase II of 60 Solar Power Pumpsets is in progress.


3.Powerless Pumpset Setup:


The Government of Karnataka has embarked on a project to install a solar-powered non-powered pumpset from Karnataka's renewable energy resources.
The Government of Karnataka has allocated 234, 410 and 175 solar power pumps to Bevicom in the first, second and third stage. The process of identifying beneficiaries is in progress.


Under the scheme, beneficiaries can apply in the relevant subdivisions.


The beneficiary belonging to the general category should be named.


4. "Electricity Planning":



Bevinkyu me || In partnership with The Energy Resources Institute (TERI), "Power Generation Program" will be held from 2014-16 to educate 100 schools / colleges in Bengaluru on sensitizing and saving energy savings for students. The college Mattuvidhyarthigala possible to reduce the power consumption of households are aware of.


5. "Electric Protector":


Me || TIDE, a non-governmental organization, is seeking to save on power saving / demand as an electrician. Through this program, consumers are embracing the hobby of power saving and power saving. Consumers analyze their electricity consumption data TIDE seeks to raise awareness of its own power consumption patterns through its annual reports, and educates consumers on the benefits of renewable energy.


The Power Protector (VR) program is being conducted in two installments - VR-1 (2016) and VR-2 (2017), compiling the required data for 500 households in Malleswaram and RBD layouts .R.-1) undertaken. 17% of VR-1 surveys reported power saving.


6.Automated DSM Practical Project:


Bevinkyu me || Innovary and Me || In collaboration with USAID companies, SME has launched an automated, SM pilot project in Bangalore city limits via interactive energy platform to reduce the 5 MW load during peak demand.


7. "Solar DC Inverter System" practical implementation:


  • Grid-Connected "Solar DC Inverter System" has been implemented for 215 households in Belgaum village in Magaditallukku, Ramanagarajilli, in partnership with BIIT-MIT., Madras, Chennai.
  • Solar DC Inverterless System Electricity, Bevicum AC power, Battery DC Combine the power supply to a separate circuit with 48 volts DC power.
  • Each beneficiary of this project has one BLDC fan, one DC tubelight, two LED bulbs and two DC LEDs. Points - A single remote is assigned to a mobile charger and to a TV point and to control the tubelight and fan.

8.Integrated Lighting Management System (ILMS)

  • The projects of the corporation office were implemented as a pilot project.
  • The "Intelligent Lighting Management System" (ILMS) automatically 'turns on' and 'turns off' the office lighting system through motion and daylight sensing.
  • This saves 30% -50% of power
  • Increases zero manpower costs and durability of electrical equipment

9.B.E. 5 Starred Ceiling Fan:


  • Under the wind project, Conventional Ceiling Fans are replaced by BEE. The use of 5 starred ceiling fans is encouraged.
  • Me || Implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)

10.Solar Water Heater:

  • 1200 sq.ft. The Government of Karnataka has issued a mandatory use of solar water heaters for buildings with a site size of more than one.
  • Under the above directive, all authorities are directed to educate consumers on the use of solar water heaters and a circular has been issued for the mandatory installation of solar water heaters.
  • Karnataka Gazette Date: 22.07.2010 Notification No: KERC / COS / D / 07/10 Date: 01.07.2010 Published.
  • Installation of Solar Water Heater is priced at 50 paise per unit and maximum of Rs.50 per unit.
  • The public is aware of solar water heaters through meetings such as mass communication, customer interaction, etc. Paper readers and linemen are advised to explain the benefits and power savings of using a solar water heater when visiting customer complaints and taking meter reading.
  • All branches of Bevicom have been directed to comply with the mandatory installation of solar water heaters for new buildings issued by the Government of Karnataka.

11. Solar Rooftop PV Scheme (SR TPV)

solar panel

The Government of Karnataka has announced a Solar Policy for Home, Commerce, Education and Industrial Entrepreneurs to adopt a networked solar powered rooftop PV system.


Advantages of installing a solar power PV unit:

  • Solar power generation is environmentally friendly
  • Own electricity can be generated
  • Money can be earned by using the generated solar power and sending it to the rest of the Bevicom network

For more information, see the "SolarRoofTop" on the home page of the Bevicom website


12. Capacity Building Procedure:


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency had issued the Capacity Building Program in 34 Utilities TrainingOfTrainers in 2014-15.


The second level, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, aims to train the efficiency of the capacity building system for the officers in the Circle Offices.


During the four training programs at Bewicom, the management of the power station on the request of the officers in the office was issued in January-2018 and February-2018.


13. Earth Hour:


Bevicom Officers / Employees and the public select the unnecessary electric lights in their homes.

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