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Establishment of DCC & its Roles


Establishment of DCC and its Roles

BESCOM has established Distribution Control Center (DCC) with SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system at 3rd floor, Block 2, Corporate Office, BESCOM, K.R Circle, Bangalore. The DCC functions 24/7, throughout the year to ensure the optimum operation of the Distribution system in coordination with State Load Dispatch Center (SLDC), the State Transmission Utility (STU) and other Stake holders.

BESCOM in coordination with KPTCL has established integrated extended SCADA system with required communication facility to perform the following functions of DCC as per the Distribution code issued by the Hon’ble Commission.

  • Real time load management in accordance with the schedule of power allocated to BESCOM by SLDC, thereby helping the nodal agency in maintaining the power system in safe and secured manner. 
  • To carry out the directions issued by State Load Dispatch Center in respect of system operation, demand monitoring and Control in BESCOM jurisdiction.
  • For identifying blocks of load to facilitate shedding of load in rotation basis as may be necessary for achieving control of frequency for load generation balance. The 11kVfeeders are grouped in such a way to avoid repeated interruptions to same set of consumers. 
  • Estimation of hourly and daily demand of BESCOM on day ahead basis based on the historical data, the changes that are expected due to climate change and other factors. Furnishing the same to SLDC on Day ahead basis. 
  • Day ahead hourly load is allocated to all the 220KV receiving stations of BESCOM jurisdiction and statements regarding comparison on allocated load V/s actual recorded load is prepared on daily basis. 
  • Preparation of BESCOM/Zone wise load curve based on hourly load obtained from SCADA, on daily basis.
  • To ensure the hours of supply to various category of consumers as per the GoK guide lines and BESCOM norms. 
  • Preparation MIS reports on arrangement of hours of power supply to various categories of consumers in BESCOM by obtaining hours of power supply details from SCADA.
  • If any black out occurs due to outage of transmission elements or distribution line the same is monitored in real time and action is being taken in co ordination with STU and BESCOM field Engineers to restore the power supply to the affected consumers at the earliest.


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