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In BESCOM, the existing No.of Distribution Transformers as at end of Feb-2024 is 495592  no’s. The Transformers failed during 2023-24 for the month of Feb-2024 is 34820 No’s. On an average around 36,500 Nos of Transformers are added every year. The Transformers existing , failure and the failure rate for the last 3 years are as follows:

Financial year



% failure










455604 35987 7.90


478361 38047 7.95


497991 38288 7.96

  1. The Transformers failure is due to Overloading, un-authorized connections, aging of Transformers, manufacturing defects. During the previous year on an average, about 32,000 transformers fail in a year and average cost of their repairs is about Rs. 75.00 crores.   Nearly 93% of transformer failure occurs in rural areas.
  2. There are 45 nos of transformers repair centers established in BESCOM jurisdiction at taluka level to repair the failed DTRs. 
  3. Buffer stocks of repaired good transformers are kept in the 25 No’s of Divisional Stores and 49 No’s of Transformers Banks. Further as at the end of Dec-2023 there are 2351 No’s & 904 No’s of New & repaired good Transformers are available at Stores & bank respectively. Failed transformers are replaced as per the K.E.R.C norms by using the transformers available at divisional stores and the banks.
  4. Consumers can register their complaints regarding transformer failure in PGRS application. The acknowledgement will be sent to consumers through SMS.


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