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Boxes and Panels Dwg-08 250,300kVA Distribution Box
Dwg-09 3 Phase Meter Box with CT PTs
Dwg-10 LTP Kit upto 100kVA
Dwg-39 3CT 3PT HTMC
Dwg-41 LTFP Box
Dwg-58 100kVA Distribution Box
Dwg-81_3CT 3PT LTMC
GOS,LA,DOLO,HGFUSE,LTP Dwg-60 9kV 5kA Polymeric LA with Ground Disconnector
Dwg-20 DOLO Cut Out
Dwg-21 HG Fuse Unit
Dwg-22, 400A DB GOS R-4
Dwg-23 200A SB GOS R-6
Dwg-29 Solid Core Insulator
Dwg-36 400A SB roaster GOS
Dwg-42 200A Tilting Type Isolator
Dwg-54_Insulated GOS Operating Rod
Insulators Dwg-56 LT Guy Strain Insulator
Dwg-11 11kV Ceramic Pin Insulator
Dwg-12 1.1kV Ceramic Pin Insulator
Dwg-28 5KN Pin Polymer Insulator
Dwg-53 45KN Polymer Disc Insulator
Dwg-57 HT Guy Strain Insulator
Line Materials Dwg-79 Route & Joint Marker (1)
Dwg-80 Route & Joint Marker (2)
Dwg-03 Special 3 Pin Cross arm
Dwg-04 Horizontal cross arm with HTST support
Dwg-07 Guy Set
Dwg-15 Earth Pits & Connections for DTC
Dwg-19 Spiral Earth Electrode
Dwg-24 Aerial Fuse Board
Dwg-25 Earth Guard Stirrup
Dwg-27 GI Grounding Pipe
Dwg-30 RCC Pole Clamps
Dwg-31 PSCC Pole Clamps
Dwg-32 Four Pin & Two Pin Cross arms
Dwg-34 Pipe Earth Electrode
Dwg-38 PVC Spacers for TC wiring
Dwg-40 Danger Board
Dwg-43 PG Clamps
Dwg-47 Transformer Grounding(with interconnection)
Dwg-48 Transformer Grounding(without interconnection)
Dwg-52 GI Pin for 11kV & 1.1kV Pin Insulators
Dwg-59 Clamps for 9Mtr 300kg PSCC pole
Dwg-78 Manhole Chamber
Poles Dwg-55 9Mtr 300Kg PSCC Pole
Dwg-02 9M RCC Pole 145kg WL
Dwg-05 8M RCC Pole 115kg WL
Dwg-45 11Mtr 500kg WL Spun Pole
Dwg-49 8Mtr 200Kg PSCC Pole
Dwg-50 9Mtr 200Kg PSCC Pole
Dwg-51 9M RCC Square Section Pole 150kg WL
Structure Materials Dwg-71 250kVA 4&5 Star DPTC on 9Mtr 145Kg RCC pole
Dwg-37 25&63kVA SP TC with 9Mtr RCC sq pole
Dwg-35 DP St. using RCC poles
Dwg-44 25&63kVA DPTC kit
Dwg-61 H-Frame for GOS using Mtr 300PSCC poles
Dwg-62 9Mtr 300kg PSCC pole DPTC for 25, 63,100kVA Tr
Dwg-63 DP St using PSCC 9Mtr 300kg WL
Dwg-64 SPTC for 25kVA Tr using 9Mtr 300kg WL
Dwg-65 DPTC for 250kVA on 9Mtr 300kg PSCC pole
Dwg-66 1GOS system on 11Mtr Spun pole for 25kVA TR
Dwg-67-3 GOS 11 Mtr Spun pole with tr seating
Dwg-68 1GOS system on 11Mtr Spun Pole without Tr seating for 63,100,250kVA Tr
Dwg-69 3GOS on 11Mtr Spun pole without Tr seating for 63,100,250kVA Tr.
Dwg-70 New Design Tr centre

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