Smart Grid and Electric Vehicle

Special tariff for EV Charging Stations: LT6 (C)


  1. Government of Karnataka issued Electrical Vehicle & Energy Storage Policy – 2017 on 25th September 2017.
  2. As per the policy, “Government of Karnataka will facilitate providing required electricity supply from grid and examine special tariff at commercially viable rates for EV Charging Stations”.
  3. Proposal from BESCOM was sent to Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) on 26.12.2017 with a request to consider special tariff for EV Charging Stations.
  4. KERC in its order Dt. 14.05.2018 has introduced a separate tariff for the supply of power to Electric Vehicle Charging Stations under LT and HT supply. The commission approved tariff to this new sub category is as below.


Tariff Approved by the Commission for LT-6C
  Approved Tariff
Fixed/Demand Charges per kW Rs. 50/ kW/Month Rs. 180/kVA/month

Energy Charges per kWH 
(for both LT & HT)

485 paise/unit

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